Meghan McCain’s ‘The View’ Co-Host Telling Her That ‘I Did Not Miss You’ Is The Drama The Internet Missed While She Was Away


Meghan McCain has been back on The View for all of two days after taking a months-long paid maternity leave (which she only now realizes should be mandatory), and already she’s pissed off the internet and her co-hosts. On Monday, it was telling Whoopi Goldberg that the “media needs to be more respectful of Trump voters,” to which the EGOT winner replied, “You’re not allowed to kvetch and poop all over this!” (Don Lemon agrees). During Tuesday’s episode, she got into it with Joy Behar, who straight-up said what many others are thinking: Meghan’s contrarian takes were not missed.

During a discussion about America’s two-party system, Behar said that compared to the Democrats, the “Republican Party is in much more trouble right now because you have, really, traitors.” This was too much for McCain, who interrupted her co-host to bring up Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not having the “full support” of Nancy Pelosi, and so on. “Excuse me, am I done? I’m not done!” Behar fired back. She was only getting started.

“You missed me so much, Joy. You missed me so much when I was on maternity leave. You missed fighting with me,” McCain joked. But Behar wasn’t joking when she said, “I did not. I did not miss you. Zero.” Harsh, but fair. McCain called Behar’s response “so nasty,” and that she was only “teasing because you said something rude,” but based on the reactions to the clip on Twitter, it seems most people are on Team Joy.

That nastiness and rudeness hasn’t changed one bit…I am with Joy, we didn’t miss you, @MeghanMcCain #TheView

— Chenisa Whitaker (@LadeeNiecee) January 5, 2021

Let how Joy Behar handled Meghan McCain be a masterclass on how to give DUST to these Republicans want to be friends now after how nasty and racist they’ve been for the last 4 years. #theView

— WhyMassaDidn’tWantUsToLearnToReadOrWrite (@KellyFBabi) January 5, 2021

It was at this moment Meghan McCain realized Joy Behar wasn’t playing with her on today 😩😫🥴 #TheView

— WE DID IT JOE ✊🏾 (@Vince_Aries) January 5, 2021

Meghan McCain being rude and cutting off Joy and even after Joy says, “I was not done” continues to talk and Meg mocks her by saying “you missed me” and Joy saying NO…was so good…but even better was Meg being OFFENDED by Joy’s answer. LOL I want it as my ringtone. #TheView

— Miami Alex. (@_ALEX_305) January 5, 2021

— Jeremy Danté (@jeremydante) January 5, 2021

Y’all Joy Behar really told Meghan McCain, “I did not miss you” 😂 💀 #TheView

— Nicole Perez (@nicole_perez1) January 5, 2021

We all trying to be positive for 2021 and here comes Meghan McCain, she can’t be on #TheView for 2 whole days without causing strife and animosity. I think we all agree with what Joy Behar said today , “we didn’t miss you, at all”

— Dr Asha (@DoctorAsha) January 5, 2021

“I did not miss you” – Joy to Meghan McCain just now on #TheView 😂 Very relatable.

— Dinah (@dinahrsmith) January 5, 2021

Child…. Joy Behar & Meghan McCain

I hollered then had to rewind so I could record this moment. 😂 😂 😂 #TheView

— Simply Kris (@KrisHuston77) January 5, 2021

Source: Meghan McCain’s ‘The View’ Co-Host Telling Her That ‘I Did Not Miss You’ Is The Drama The Internet Missed While She Was Away

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Written by Josh Kurp

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