38 Things Americans Do In Movies That Make No Sense To Non-Americans And Will Never Not Be Funny To Me

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Posted on Dec 31, 2020

38 Things Americans Do In Movies That Make No Sense To Non-Americans And Will Never Not Be Funny To Me

The funny thing is the answer is “yes” to all of these things.


do americans actually call their friends parents like “mrs ____” etc ?? or is that a thing only in movies because i just call my friends parents by their first names

03:45 PM – 07 May 2020


wait do americans actually get fed lunches in schools?? i thought that was just a movie thing???

03:06 PM – 12 Jun 2020


Do Americans really have the last 4 digits of their social memorized, or is this just one of those TV things just to save time?

01:59 AM – 12 Jul 2020

God warrior being angry

how come in films americans always put frozen/ chilled meat on black eyes etc? is that a real thing or have they heard of ice

10:21 PM – 21 May 2020


Do Americans really not say goodbye when ending a phone call? All these tv shows they just hang up.

11:12 PM – 16 Mar 2018



04:49 PM – 29 Sep 2020


Do Americans really not take there shoes off when they enter a house? Or is that just another weird thing from American movies

11:24 AM – 17 Dec 2020

God warrior putting on makeup angrilly

Do Americans really say “Just get some rest”, to each other. It feels like something they only say in films.

04:14 PM – 13 Nov 2020


Do Americans really eat as much meatloaf as TV makes it seem?

They must be like, 60% loaf by now.

03:34 PM – 07 Oct 2017


Why do Americans in films always wind down with “a nice, steaming mug of cocoa”, and is this just, as I suspect, hot chocolate?

07:30 AM – 16 Dec 2020

God warrior reading angrily

Mental that Americans in films always think being able to tie a tie is some quirky skill

10:13 PM – 04 Dec 2020


Do Americans actually do that thing in movies and TV where they leave their kids bedroom completed untouched??? Cause that’s weird.

11:35 PM – 03 Dec 2020


Do Americans really eat ice cream out the tub when they’re sad or is that just on movies?

08:15 AM – 12 Jan 2014


Do Americans actually walk out with a box when they get fired or is that a movie thing?

08:17 PM – 02 Nov 2020

God warrior smiling angrily

How do Americans in movies always manage to group text their whole school? Is this legit a thing over there?

10:07 PM – 03 Apr 2018


do americans actually have that thing in their sinks that grinds food together like in movies

08:27 PM – 04 Dec 2020


do americans really have red cups all the time at parties or is that just in movies? someone let me know thanks

07:30 AM – 19 Jan 2018


Why do Americans in films always ‘go for dessert’? Why not just have dessert in the restaurant you were just in?!

12:40 PM – 30 Nov 2013

God warrior being angry

Do Americans actually do those projects/assignments like we see on TV Shows & Films like the fake babies, getting ‘married’ to each other and all that 🤔

11:23 PM – 09 Jun 2020


In films, why do Americans always raid the fridge in the dark when they’re hungry? Don’t they have light switches in kitchens? 🤔

09:16 PM – 20 Aug 2016


Do Americans really be having kids play trees in the school play or is that just a tv thing 🤔

03:03 PM – 18 Dec 2020

God warrior being angry

Do Americans actually pledge allegiance to their flag in school or is that something that happens in films?

08:13 AM – 26 Apr 2020


I wish Americans in movies would just top comparing the length of things to that of a football field. I have no idea how long that is.

11:05 AM – 17 Jun 2013


It amuses me when Americans in movies try to stop a natural disaster ending the world because they’re Americans and they just have to try

06:58 PM – 06 Oct 2011


What are funions? Americans on TV shows talk about them constantly. Onion rings? Onion flavour corn-snacks? Yes, I could google.

04:53 PM – 23 Nov 2015


Why do Americans on TV shows have to go “grab” a cup of coffee? Can’t see how that could ever end well. Especially if the cup is styrofoam.

09:12 PM – 03 Jun 2011


can someone explain to me how americans in films etc always know where their high school peers live

12:56 PM – 17 Aug 2018


According to movies, all Americans have a bag of frozen peas in their fridge, but they never use it while cooking.

11:05 AM – 28 Feb 2016

God warrior being angry

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