Insane Cyber Monday deals you CANNOT miss (26 Photos)

Ex-Under Armour Execs are making jeans as comfortable as sweats, and offering their first denim deal ever!

If you work for a performance athletic brand, you work with some pretty amazing materials. Materials that stretch, breathe, and move with you. As in, materials that are not denim. So when a few Under Armour execs left to blaze their own trail, they started by addressing the shortfalls of denim: Moving in it. In Revtown’s book, 3 things make great jeans: comfort, function, and durability. That’s why their Decade Denim jeans are made with proprietary, Italian denim that’s tough as nails, but still mobile. Revtown jeans are designed to keep you on the move, whether it’s from the office to the bar, or right back to the couch — no crotch-binding, bum-sweats, or tight thighs. And because Revtown deals directly with its customers, they can sell their designer-quality jeans at a fraction of the price of other fashion brands. This Cyber Monday week shop their Denim Duo Crate, 2 pairs of jeans for $125

Source: Insane Cyber Monday deals you CANNOT miss (26 Photos)

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